Will Travis is the founder of the global impact network Elevation Barn.

Will Travis

Leaving humble roots in Lancashire England for New York City at 24, Will grew to become one of the most respected and connected brand building leaders of our time. He has propelled brands the likes of Coca Cola, Nike, Absolut, facebook, Netflix, Sony, Intel, BlackRock, Gojek, Apple, Toyota, NorthFace, AT&T, Samsung and more to their own dizzying heights. And built and sold two of the world’s most iconic advertising / branding agencies…ATTIK and then SidLee to Japanese holding company’s Dentsu and Hakuhodo respectively.

Supposedly to retire to Bali in 2019, Will at 50 elevated his own brand, launching global leadership retreat, network and brand accelerator group Elevation Barn – a holding collective dedicated to bringing clarity of purpose and actionable growth to leaders in all walks of life…through personal, business and legacy ambitions.

Now one of the most powerful leadership communities, the Elevation Barn elevates today’s experts be more of what matters in personal, business and philanthropic ambitions.
He’s a speaker, investor, motivator and friend…hosting inspiration podcasts “Elevate”.  A father of four, brother of three and lifelong lover of adventure, he’s widely considered an inspiration for a life well balanced.

Commit then work it out.
If someone else has done it – you can too.
Unite with people who respect and lift your dreams.
Bow out of societies, clubs, jobs and relationships that don’t.

We have two choices in the story we tell ourselves…choose the one that inspires you, stretches you…ignites you!

Friendships at work and at play are crucial. If you don’t feel safe, trusted or loved. Move on…they are not elevating the real you.
See the beauty in everything, every person and action. It will deliver love and joy, especially if focussed ‘on the now’.

Take risks. Never go through the front door – the window or down the chimney are far more exciting! Fear means you are going to do something special and so give it your all. Only by moving can you change course and experience the life that destiny has laid out for you.
Fuel your passions and love for life. You only have one.
Make every moment count on your clock… no one else’s… and live every day like it’s your last. It maybe.